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Extraction Carpet Cleaner 5 Litres

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A powerful and efficient, low foam carpet shampoo for use with either hot or cold water machines. An effective cleaner of carpets and also upholstery, Accord contains an appealing perfume and optical brighteners which enhance the colours of carpets. It is a specially formulated cleaner suitable for woven and non-woven carpets of synthetic or natural fibres and upholstery when used with a hot or cold water extraction machines.


Heavy Soilage: 1:80 parts hot water

Light Soilage: 1:160 parts hot water

Pre-Spraying: Dilute 1:10 parts with hot water. Spray heavily soiled areas and traffic lanes before shampooing. 

Pre-Spotting: Dilute 1:4 parts with hot water. Lightly spray the stain, the agitate with a brush before shampooing as normal.

Features & Benefits

*Low foam

*Contains optical brighteners

*For use with hot and cold water extraction machines