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Citrus Clean RTU 750ml Spray

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Citrus Clean RTU 750ml Spray can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Citrus Clean is an orange based cleaning product making it one of the most powerful and versatile multi purpose cleaning fluids available. It is perfect for cleaning most surfaces including floors, walls, concrete, terrazzo, vehicle surfaces and worktops, as well as carpets and upholstery. It is excellent for removing fat, oil, ink stains and also scuff and finger marks from all hard surfaces.

Spray onto the surface then agitate and wipe clean.

For heavily soiled areas, spray Citrus Clean onto the surface then agitate with a brush/scourer. Leaving to work for a few minutes before wiping clean.

Features & Benefits

*Powerful and versatile

*Removes severe grease, grime and carbon

*Perfect for cleaning most surfaces

*Ideal for carpets and upholstery

*Also available in 5 Litres.