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Flash Professional All Purpose Cleaner 5 Litres

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Flash Professional All Purpose Cleaner 5 Litres can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Flash professional all purpose cleaner is a general purpose, daily use hard surface cleaner suitable for cleaning floors, stairwells, walls, paintwork, desks, doors as well as general cleaning. This versatile cleaner is suitable for use on laminate, ceramic, safety floors, painted surfaces, rubber, sealed wood, vehicle interiors, granite, stainless steel, PVC, linoleum and concrete.

When using Flash Professional in a bucket, dilute 60ml with 5L of water.

For heavily soiled areas, use neat on a damp sponge, allow 1-2 minutes of contact time before rinsing.

If using a machine, dilute 60ml per 5l of warm water. There is no need to rinse.

Features & Benefits

*Economical multi purpose cleaner

*Removes general dirt and grime

*Versatile – ideal for mopping or hand use

*Zesty lemon fragrance