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Galvanised Mop Bucket & Wringer (13 Litres)

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Galvanised Mop Bucket & Wringer (13 Litres) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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The 13 litre Galvanised Mop Bucket & Wringer is a long lasting and robust, galvanised steel bucket with a fixed mop sieve for traditional cleaning. The sieve strains dirty water out of the mop, allowing a mop to soak up more liquid and achieve better cleaning results. This steel bucket is easy to clean and maintain and is perfect for regular use.

Features & Benefits

*13 litre capacity

*Fixed mop sieve

*H: 22cm Dia: 32cm

*Carry handle design for easy movement

*Easy to clean

*Use with our wool mop heads and aluminium handles.