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Katrin System Roll Towels 460102 – WHITE

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Katrin System Roll Towels 460102 - WHITE can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Katrin System Rolls Towels are soft yet strong for hygienic hand drying. The high capacity absorption and one sheet dispensing system controls consumption as well as preventing cross-contamination to give ultimate user satisfaction. The premium softness of the towel fits to the image needs of the most exclusive areas and the wider sheets deliver a higher performance.

To used in conjunction with the Katrin Inclusive System Towel Dispenser.

Ideal for use in medium to high traffic areas such as hotels, office buildings and restaurants.

Features & Benefits

*High quality interleaved hand towels

*Controlled consumption and also reduced cost in use

*711 sheets per roll

*2 ply, white

*Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label